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  • I have been smoking for almost 40 years. I’m not an excessively heavy smoker but I am now a proud Grandma and would love to quit for good and this product is just the thing to do it with. I read all the reviews and was very impressed so I bought the starter kit and am equally impressed with the quality and taste. I have only had the kit for 1 week but I have already cut back to 5 smokes a day and am sure that in a couple more weeks this will be zero. Read full Review
  • I agree, Social-Lites are the best electronic cigarettes I have used they have heaps of smoke the feel like a real cigarette Read full Review
    loyal client
  • After the initial cost of the starter kit I have saved hundreds of dollars from buying the refills. $15 for the equivalent of 100 cigs i have improved my health and saved money at the same time. This is truly an amazing product! Read full review
    happy client
  • It is the best e-cig I have tried. I have the tobacco flavour and it is just like the real one. Highly recommended Read full review


E-Cig 100%
Social-Lites 100%
Vape King 100%
Green Smoke 100%
Nicotine eliqued 100%
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Available in 0mg, 16mg and 24mg

"NEW" Mini Sub Ohm VAPE Kit

Start sub ohm vaping with our NEW Australia mini sub ohm vaping kit. If Box Mods are not your style and your prefer the more regular shaped batteries then our mini sub kit is for you. If you love great vaping clouds and great flavour then this is for you. A great 50 watt, 1500mAh battery plus a great sub ohm mini e-liquid tank which comes with a 0.5ohm coil inserted plus a 0.5ohm spare coil too. Just better than traditional e-cigs.

Vape users typically search tanks and mods separately. They purchase a sub ohm mod and may buy a tank later on.
This provides them the possibility to conserve cash upfront, choosing a product which costs less, as well as enables customers to be versatile about the mix they pick.

Is there value in a Kit?
Sets include the parts needed to obtain you vaping as quickly as the package is opened. You have one tank within, normally with a factory coil; a mod and perhaps batteries if they are not construct into the gadget; and a USB cable to power up the battery. Some business send electronic juice with a package too however not generally, or the rate is increased to cover shipping..
Purchase products as a kit and the supplier decreases the cost. Often vapor shops develop their own packages or provide clients the chance to develop custom-made packages.

Why buy a package deal?
While the cost of a beginner kit is less, that is just one factor to buy a sub-ohm vape set rather than developing your own package. You do not have to figure out which atomizers are made to deal with the optimum wattage output of a provided vaporizer. The design allows them to work together.

Social-Lites There selection is vast and what's great is their comprehensive and flexible choices. See headings on the site, customers will see starter packages. A few of those are sub ohm vape sets.
As far as starter sets go, these are as far from newbies' packages as you can get. When they can, they are easy cost-saving choices and everybody likes to conserve a couple of dollars. Social-Lites concentrates on conserving you cash.

Purchase a Sub Ohm Vape Package or Kit
An outstanding variety of brand names, sub-mod varieties and electronic package contents waits for the extensive buyer who takes some time to browse the whole list at Social-Lites.

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